SoHT 2021

Why collaborate?

Collaborating in the 26th Annual SoHT Meeting is useful and profitable, as well as enabling a key event for the sector to be held.



The organisation is open to individualised agreements with the different sponsors and collaborators, ensuring that their participation will be as profitable as possible.


Advertising and commitment

Sponsors make their commitment to the sector stand out.


Promotion in action

Collaborators and sponsors can feature, in an active way, their services, resources and potentialities.


In addition to the Exhibition Space, the Congress’ meeting place, the following are some of the advertising options available to collaborators and sponsors:

  • Web and Social Networks
  • Onsite signs
  • Session screens
  • Hand programme
  • Material for delegates
  • Credentials




sponsorship and collaboration

In addition to the generic model described below, we can adapt the sponsorship policy to the profile and interests of the corresponding institution or private company.

Thanks to dialogue with sponsors and a study of their objectives, we can provide customised sponsorship in order to optimise their collaboration.

sponsor benefits

  • Guaranteeing their presence, image and visibility.
  • Positioning and linking their brand with a key event.
  • Closer relationship with their target public.
  • Opportunity to establish direct contact with delegates.
  • Presence of their logotype on graphic elements generated in accordance with the corresponding agreement.
  • Presentation of their products and/or services during the event.
  • Allocation of registrations.


SoHT 2021 SET

Rental of standard stand made up of:


  • Sign with exhibitor’s image. Measurements: 1x2m.
  • White counter with exhibitor’s image in vinyl + stool (OPTION 1)
  • White table + chairs + podium with exhibiter’s (OPTION 2)
Option 1
Option 2