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Santiago de Compostela is the goal in a thousand-year-old pilgrims’ route: the Camino de Santiago (or St. James’s Way) which transformed this spot in the finis terrae since the 19th century into a meeting point of faith, and western world philosophy.

It is located in the far north-west part of Spain, and is the cultural and political capital of the Region of Galicia.

Santiago de Compostela’s attraction is found in factors such as the exceptional preservation of its heritage, the quality of its hotel offer and its excellent cultural facilities, its gastronomy, communications or the town’s international repute as cultural and spiritual destination. But in particular, visitors stress the town’s vitality, the authentic experience and hospitality of its citizens.

World Heritage

For UNESCO, Santiago de Compostela is ‘one of the most unquestionable world heritages, an ideal city that goes beyond History and timelessness’. The Cathedral, its squares and the medieval streets form one of the most beautiful urban images of Europe.

A town with emotional beauty.

Thousand-year-old hospitality

Goal of the Camino de Santiago, the town was founded around its Romanesque Cathedral and it grew to receive and attend to all its pilgrims with judicious hospitality.

More than a thousand years of experience are behind us in welcoming and looking after our visitors. Not many destinations can say the same.

Small grand city

Santiago is grand in its short distances. Although it is the capital of Galicia, Holy City and European Capital of Culture, its small dimensions, its simple everyday life and safety make it a friendly, delightful and warm city, easy to understand and visit, where everyone will find their own place.


Public Transport

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Tele-Taxi Compostela (24 h)

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Galicia is located in the north-east of the Spanish Mainland, surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic, Portugal and other lands of Spain.

Its size is similar to that of Belgium, Massachusetts (USA), Taiwan or Israel and less than 3 million inhabitants live there.

Old Roman province and later kingdom, it boasts a rich history which has bequeathed us a valuable heritage, from pre-history down to the present times.

It also has its own language: Galician.

Travellers to Galicia often highlight the greenness and its spectacular landscapes, the hospitality of its inhabitants and the taste of its gastronomic products.